About AMPS

The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society (AMPS) is a social organization with the common interest of modeling miniature armored fighting vehicles, military model figures, ordnance, dioramas, and related equipment and promotion of historic military vehicle restoration. AMPS is an international organization headquartered in the United States.

The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society, Inc., or AMPS, was founded in 1993. Although AMPS’s main function is as a modeling club, it is definitely a different type of modeling organization compared to IPMS or other mainstream groups. AMPS has a Constitution and Bylaws to govern how it is run and the AMPS judging system rewards individual effort using a point system to minimize subjectivity.

The purpose of AMPS is to foster a knowledge and appreciation of the history of armored vehicles, through examination of preserved examples located in both museums and private collections, in miniature through modeling. To this end, AMPS publishes a 32-page journal called Boresight six times a year. This journal covers reviews, tips, articles on preserved vehicles, and comparisons of models and related items.

AMPS membership entitles you to product discounts from some of the most innovative products in our hobby. Read about discounts here.

AMPS also hosts an international convention every spring in which the subject of armor is supreme. The convention features the best armor model vendors, seminars from armor experts and an excellent example of the best armor models from around the world in its competition. Competition is organized into five levels - junior, basic, intermediate, advanced and master - and the judging system rewards the modeler for his individual effort, not in comparison to other modelers.

If you like to build armor models, we’d love to have you as a member.

Join AMPS/Renew Your Membership

AMPS has three types of membership - Regular, Family and Junior.

Regular Membership includes a subscription to Boresight magazine, access to the member’s-only areas of this website and voting rights on society business matters, among other privileges.

Family Member is for anyone living at the same address as a regular member who is currently paid up and receives Boresight magazine. Family members do not receive an individual copy of Boresight, but enjoy any vendor discounts, have access to the member’s-only areas of this website, can attend the annual AMPS general meeting, and can enter competitions as long as they are accompanied by the general member.

Junior Member is for anyone 17 years or younger to become an AMPS member. Junior members receive an individual copy of Boresight, enjoy any vendor discounts, have access to the member’s-only areas of this website, can attend the annual AMPS general meeting, and can enter competitions.

All memberships are available in one-, two- or three-year terms. Boresight magazine is published six-times per year and mailed to regular and junior members using Third Class Bulk mail in the U.S. and Printed Matter rates for all other locations.

Anyone with an active AMPS membership that recruits a new AMPS member will receive a four-month extension to their membership, which equates to two issues of AMPS Boresight magazine. A new member is defined as someone who has never been an AMPS member or someone whose AMPS membership lapsed at least three years prior to renewing (subject to verification by the Membership Coordinator). In order to receive this benefit the new/joining member must enter the name of the person who recruited/referred them in the "Instructions to Merchant" section for all PayPal transactions or simply add a note in the payment envelope for all snail mail (check/MO) payments.

All payments must be in U.S. funds, by check or moneyorder. You can also pay for your membership using a credit card through PayPal. All foreign payments must be made by bank-draft or money-order drawn on a U.S. bank. Membership begins with the first issue after the membership application is received.

Regular Membership Rates (USA):

1 Year $30.00

2 Years $55.00

3 Years $80.00

Junior Membership Rates:

1 Year $15.00

2 Years $30.00

3 Years $45.00

Family Membership Rates:

1 Year $5.00

2 Years $10.00

3 Years $15.00

AMPS is run by member volunteers - just like you. Please allow two weeks for your membership or renewal to be processed. If you want to volunteer to improve AMPS, please contact your regional VP.

For more information on membership in AMPS, please contact the Membership Coordinator.

The Membership Coordinator for HELL ON WHEELS AMPS (HOW-A) is Michael Burns. 


Membership Inquiries (note - this is a change, previous inquiries were sent to Maryland):

Membership Department
PO BOX 227
Fairhaven, MA 02719-0227 USA

The latest issue of Boresight (Volume 27, Issue 5) is out. Here is a quick look inside:

  • Soviet T-26 Model 39 by Greg Beckman : Building a late model T-26

  • AMPS Guy Visits the MVPA Convention, Denies That Size Matters! by Chuck Aleshire : 2019 MVPA Convention report

  • Western Canadian Regional AMPS Model Show by Anthony Sewards : Show recap

  • Building AFV Club's LVTH6A1 by Henry Milton : Build review

  • Toothbrush Sander Re-visited by Ed Ingersoll : Other usage of an electric toothbrush

  • Know Your Officer by Editor : Find out more about your AMPS elected and appointed officers

  • Local Chapter News & Upcoming Shows by Editor : What's going on in the AMPS community


The AMPS Judging System

AMPS created a unique system to both judge the model and honor the modeler for artistic achievement and historical accuracy. It is a peer evaluation and mentoring and not a performance critique by experts. The system groups modelers that have similar skill levels and talents and rates the model in relation to the ability of the modeler rather than against the work of another modeler. The skill levels are Junior, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master.

Each model is reviewed and evaluated on its own merits and never compared to another one. Established criteria determine the scoring of the model and qualify the modeler for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Each model is judged by a team of judges that score the model independently and the lowest score among the team is dropped. Constructive feedback is provided that sets a path to becoming a better, more skilled modeler.

AMPS Rules for Competition Judging (long read)

AMPS 2019 International Convention

The AMPS 2019 show is finished. Thanks to everyone who helped put the show on, including all the judges and volunteers. You all contributed to making another great AMPS show.

 Contest results:

IPMS TORONTO BARBAKAN: AMPS International Convention 2019

AMPS 2020 International Convention

Next year's show will be in Camp Hill, PA, across the river from Harrisburg, in the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg, on May 7-9, 2020. 

AMPS 2020 Show Theme - Last Battles

The AMPS 2020 show theme is Last Battles. We are defining this as any model, diorama, vignette, or figure representing a vehicle, scene, or combatant from the last year of any major conflict involving armor. Notice the words "major conflict" and "involving armor."   Some conflicts are ongoing, and some are debatable as major conflicts, so to clear things up, these are the conflicts and their last years that are acceptable for the theme:

World War I - 1918

Spanish Civil War - 1939

World War II - 1945

Israeli War of Independence - 1949

Korean War- 1953

French Indo-China War-1954

Vietnam War (end of US troop involvement) - 1973

Gulf War - 1991

Bosnian War - 1995

Gaza War - 2009

Iraqi War (withdrawal of US Forces from cities)- 2009

This list represents enough eras to cover armor involved in quite a few last battles. Any battle that occurred in these conflicts in these years meets the criteria. If this is debated, the head judge will have the final say after conferring with the assistant chief judge(s) to determine eligibility for the show theme entry.

The modeler must provide documentation of the battle being represented from at least one source, and at least one photo of the vehicle(s) and/or figures (if used) from that battle being represented. The vehicles should have appropriate markings for the battle depicted.